ILNA News Agency: A member of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized: As long as a car manufacturer knows that it has a monopoly market, it will stumble and people will have to buy low-quality products. Bahram Parsaii said about the proposal of the Iranian ambassador to the UK that we can increase the quality by importing second-hand but standard food in addition to price adjustment: There should be monitoring. This member of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized: Until there is a competitive environment for car manufacturers, not only will they not increase the quality of their products, but they will not improve the level of their services. He emphasized: The carmaker will definitely be shocked when he knows that he has a monopoly market in his hand, whatever the consumer is forced to do with any quality and is doomed to buy. The representative of the people of Shiraz, stating that we welcome any issue that increases competitiveness in the car market, which leads to lower prices and improve the quality of products produced, said: We must import cars that are not expensive and high fuel consumption Do not have. The import of such foods helps to improve the quality a lot. He pointed out: "If one day we decide to do this, we should also pay attention to customs duties, which if they are collected a lot, will increase with prices, and again the bowl is the same and the soup is the same." Parsaii said about the review of the plan to regulate the car market in the Islamic Consultative Assembly: The deputies in the court of the assembly reviewed the plan to organize the car market, which was changed to the plan to organize the car industry. This member of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: The plan to organize the car market on 2/2/97 was immediately concluded in the Assembly after 13 months, which was supposed to be about a month before the budget was presented. Have a meeting plan. The meeting was held but no invitation was made to the designers of the plan, which tells a lot of facts. He emphasized: "We tried to bring votes that do not have many challenges so that we do not deviate from our goal, which is to vote on the plan." Parsai, referring to the materials approved by the plan to organize the car market, said: "It is very good that electric and hybrid cars are exempted from the right of entry until they are built in the country." The arrival of such cars will help to create a competitive environment, reduce air pollution and reduce car prices. The representative of the people of Shiraz in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: One of the things I suggested and voted for was for the car manufacturers to be responsible for the safety and insecurity of their products in the event of accidents and to adopt a mechanism that reduced this proposal to a guarantee in the commission. . He continued: "It was decided in the commission that this time should reach 2 or 5 years, which was not really our request because consumer rights were not taken into account." For example, if a car crashes and the airbag has a problem, the automaker must be liable in the long run, not just during the warranty period, or if the brakes do not work and the body is weak. Which we proposed to be upgraded to 5 years which fortunately won the vote. This member of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: This will make the car manufacturer know that if its car is unsafe, its parts are of low quality or it is out of efficiency, it should be responsible for their products for up to 5 years. He continued: "Another problem in the car market is that automakers were allowed to offer 5 percent cash sales at 5 percent below market prices, which is why the automaker did not offer its products because the higher the prices, the more money." Gains. Parsai continued: "This has caused the carmaker not to supply so that prices can rise so that it can offer its 20% at a price below 5% below the market. This will cause a lot of damage to the people who are consumers." He stressed: "The benefit of this work is only for the automaker and dealers. We suggested that the automaker announce the cost price and the percentage of its profit to the Supreme Competition Council at the time of sale, which is not observed at the moment." This member of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: When the automaker is not required to publish its price and profit, it does whatever it wants to do, it is clear that there is turmoil in the market. He said that announcing the cost price to the Competition Council would greatly help control the market and quality: "This will help the automaker not to reduce its supply in order to gain benefits." Piousness emphasized: Violation of this matter is considered a crime according to the penal laws of the country