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Farhikhtegan mosalman assocation

Assocation Team

* Dr.Mehdi javanmard

* Dr.hasan ziyari

* Mr rahman kamali

* Mrs sharareh madanian

* Mr hasan tavakoli

* Mr mehdi naqizadeh

*Mr. Mohammad Reza Mashokhuddini

*Mr. Kamal Sotoudeh

* Mr hasan yusefi



A Brief of the Forum

*{Promoting culture}*

*{Cultural Cooperation}*

*{non governmental Organization}*


[ منشور اخلاقی انجمن فرهنگی فرهیختگان مسلمان ]

Moral Charter of the Muslim Cultural Association

What is the NGO?

The general non-governmental organization, or the NGO, in its general sense, refers to an organization that is not directly part of the state structure but plays a very important role as a mediator between the individual and the ruling elite. Even the community itself.


Presidency of the Association

The chair of the association is Dr. Dr. Javanmard


در ارتباط باشید

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Tehran – Sa’adat Abad – 31th Street – 16th 



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